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Why Do I Get Lower Back Pain When I Am Menstruating?
The process of eliminating this fluid can create a swelling in the peritoneal cavity (the cavity where your reproductive organs lie). This swelling can make you look and feel bloated at the time of menstruation. Find out hot to help this below.
Almost every person on the planet suffers from back pain at some point in their lives. Up to 80% of the western population will suffer from back pain. Back pain for some can mean short term muscular flare ups that go away with standard lower back pain treatment, however for others it can be debilitating and have a long term impact on their daily lifestyle.
How Do Tight Hip Flexors Play A Role In Back Pain?
The link between tight or shortened hip flexor muscles and back pain is often misunderstood or completely overlooked.
Nerve Pain
Below is a guide that is highly beneficial for you as it contains many useful information for patients or people who want to know about nerve pain.
What Is Your Back Muscle Spasm Telling You?
A muscle spasm is an overriding protection mechanism that typically occurs when a muscle or muscle groups are overused, tired and fatigued. More relevant to athletes than back sufferers, when a muscle such as the hamstring becomes over stretched, a strong contraction (spasm) occurs to prevent tearing of muscle fibres.
What Causes The Lower Back To Go Into Spasm?
Lower back injuries are widely misunderstood in the health industry amongst doctors, practitioners even specialists. Is it any wonder that when patients injure their back, when their back goes into painful spasm they are told conflicting information by almost each and every doctor and practitioner they visit seeking quality advice and help.
What Should I Do If I Run And I Am Getting Back Pain?
Running is one of the most effective ways to improve cardiovascular fitness and burn calories. The issue for most people is how challenging running is on the body, especially if you are predisposed to back pain.
Why Do Most Practitioners Treat The Symptoms Of Back Pain And Not The Underlying Cause?
Why Do Most Practitioners Treat The Symptoms Of Back Pain And Not The Underlying Cause? It is what we are taught at university. Regardless of whether you are a physio, chiro, osteo, myo, massage therapist you are trained to accurately diagnose the source of lower back pain, then trained in a unique (to your modality) set of techniques to alleviate the lower back symptoms.
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