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What Causes Lower Back Pain?
So, you are stuck with the fate of chronic lower back pain as up to 80% of adults do throughout their lifespan then this article is aimed at armouring you with the information to understand and overcome your pain. Lets look at why.
Lower Back Pain
Lower Back Pain is a condition that most Australians will suffer in their lifetime. Find out about the different types of lower back pain and how to prevent it below.
Lower Back Pain Help
Struggling with ongoing lower back pain? Lower back pain help and information below.
Pinched Nerve
A pinched nerve can be one of the most excruciating forms of lower back pain. Find out the common causes of a pinched nerve and treatment methods below.
Lower Back Pain Exercises
Struggling with ongoing lower back pain? Find out the best lower back pain exercises than can help you below.
What Causes Lower Back Pain?
So what exactly causes lower back pain?
wrong positions causing lower back pain
How Wrong Postures And Lack Of Activity Causing Lower Back Pain In Individuals Today?
The number of lower back pain cases has increased in the last decade or so. People don’t know why they are being affected with such a problem when they haven’t put any pressure on their backs. Activities like, ironing a shirt on an iron bench or lifting something heavy from the floor can tighten the muscles, which in turn results in lower back pain.
common causes of sciatica and lower back pain
Common Causes Of Sciatica And Lower Back Pain
Lower back pain and sciatica are somewhat related. Sciatica is a medical problem in which sciatic nerve is damaged, resulting in pain in lower back, buttocks, back of the thigh and leg. With the above statement, it is very much clear that sciatica is affecting lower back as well. This is simply because of the starting point of sciatic nerve, which apparently is the lower back. From lower back, the nerve radiates down into buttocks, thighs, legs and feet.
lower back pain could be sciatica
Not Able To Treat Low Back Pain? It Could Be Sciatica
Back pain is so common that it gives an impression that there is something wrong we all are doing to fall a victim of this problem. Back pain could strike when we lift something beyond our lifting capability, meet with an accident or due to any slip and fall injuries.
spine stimulation to reduce chronic back pain
How Spine Stimulation Can Reduce Chronic Back Pain
Back pain is a common health issue these days, and we all suffer from it at some point in our lives. Back pain is categorized into two types, acute back pain, and chronic back pain. Where acute back pain could be treated with some mild medication and physical therapies, finding a treatment for chronic back pain could be a bit challenging.
mindfullness for back pain treatment
How 'Mindfulness' Is Not Sufficient In Treating Back Pain
Those who advocate mindfulness-based stress reduction are sure that it can significantly improve relationships, mental and physical health, weight and many more things. But, there is no surety on whether it can be used as a lower back pain treatment or not. This claim is coming out straight from the house of researchers.
Get relief from lower back pain
Things To Try When Suffering From Lower Back Pain
Lower back pain is the scourge of the entire humanity. This issue is the fourth most common issue in the world today. Besides that, lower back pain is also the 5th common medical problem for which we all rush towards the hospitals.
Stenosis and Lower back pain
The relation of stenosis and lower back pain
When we talk about stenosis, it becomes important to include Arthritis and Degenerative Disc Disease as well because all these issues result in same pain. People suffering from any one of these problems are going to have similar kind of conditions.
No drugs for lower back pain
Drugs Have Been Deemed Unsuccessful in Treating Lower Back Pain
The American College of Physicians is now advocating yoga and heat therapy to all those who are suffering from low back pain. Doctors in the US have finally admitted to the fact that the pharmaceutical tools that are available to treat some of the common ailments of patients don’t work.
What Causes the Back Pain in Lower Back
Confused as to what causes the back pain in the lower back? We have the answers below.
Myofascial Pain
One of the most common conditions, and most overlooked condition is known as myofascial pain. Find out what myofascial pain is and how you may be suffering with it.
Lower Back Pain for 3 Weeks
If you have suffered lower back pain for 3 weeks or under you are still classified in the acute stage of lower back pain. If you leave it any longer you could face an uphill battle and find yourself with ongoing chronic back pain. Find out all the information you need to know below.
Who Should I See For Lower Back Pain?
With so many practitioners and specialists industry, we break down who you should see for lower back pain
How Does Physical Therapy Help With Lower Back Pain?
Have you ever wondered how does physical therapy help with lower back pain? Find all the information you need below.
Office Chairs and Ergonomics for Lower Back Pain
With the lower back pain epidemic growing growing at a rapid rate around the world we look at office chairs and ergonomics for lower back pain can help
Nutrition, Diet, and Weight Loss
Find out how Nutrition, Diet, and Weight Loss can play a role in lower back pain
Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs)
Find out how Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) can help you significantly with your pain.
Strengthening Exercises For Lower Back Pain
Find out the top 3 strengthening exercises for lower back pain and how to permanently overcome lower back pain
Extreme Low Back Pain
Have you ever suffered extreme low back pain? Find out exactly why and how to prevent it!
What Causes Back Pain In The Lower Back
If you have ever wondered what causes back pain in the lower back this article will be highly educational and relevant to you.
Why You Should Ask A Physiotherapist To Design An Exercise Programme For Your Lower Back Pain?
Find out below why its paramount as to why you should ask a physiotherapist to design an exercise programme for your lower back pain?
Get Instant And Accurate Back Pain Relief By Visiting A Doctor
Have you been suffering with back pain for too long now? find out how you can get instant and accurate back pain relief by visiting a doctor
Treatment For Lower Back Leg And Hip Groin Pain
If you are someone who has received treatment for lower back leg and hip groin pain this article explores why and how you've developed your pain.
Which Exercises Help Reduce Critical Lower Back Aches?
Are you going around in circles looking for solutions to your lower back aches? Find out below which exercises help reduce critical lower back aches.
Which Are The Most Effective Lower Back Pain Rehab Exercises?
Have you been dealing with ongoing lower back pain with no relief? Find out which are the most effective lower back pain rehab exercises to help your back pain today!
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