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Myofascial Pain
Have you got unresolved, undiagnosed pain? In most people it could be associated with Myofascial Pain.
Back Pain: The Real Reason You Have A Weak Core!
The body is designed to move synergistically as one. All the muscles of the body engage, shorten, lengthen and stabilize at different times depending on their function and the movement carried out.
How Do The Quadratus Lumborum (Q.L) Muscles Play A Role In Back Pain?
The Q.L muscles (quadratus lumborum) are the most common cause or culprit of acute lower back pain. Find out How Do The Quadratus Lumborum (Q.L) Muscles Play A Role In Back Pain?
Why Do I Have Back Pain?
You have back pain because the muscles that are designed to support your back have let you down. Or more accurately, you have let them down, gradually over a period of time causing them to weaken and weaken to the point where you ask the question 'why do I have back pain'
The Erector Spinae Group And Its Role In Back Pain
Spanning out over the entirety of the back means the erector group can be extremely vulnerable to injury or spasm. Lets look at the erector spinae group and its role in back pain.
Back Pain Causes And Treatments
Back pain is probably one of the most disturbing pain from which more than 80% of people suffer at some point in their life. Lets look at back pain causes and treatments.
If Lower Back Pain Is Just A Symptom, Then What Is The True Underlying Cause?
If the patient has an anteriorly tilted pelvis, due to compensatory reasons they will naturally have an excessive lumbar lordotic curve. Lets look at if Lower Back Pain is just a symptom, then what is the true underlying cause?
Possible Causes Of Back Pain?
When it comes to sciatica, one of the most difficult parts of treating back pain that is associated with the sciatic nerve and assessing the causes. Lets look at the possible causes of back pain.
Why Does My Back Pain Keep Returning?
Do you keep asking yourself 'Why Does My Back Pain Keep Returning?' Lets discuss why and how to prevent it in the future.Back Pain Sciatica pain Solutions
Can Back Pain Be Prevented?
There are hundreds of different causes of back pain with varying degrees of severity. Some of these types of back pain are caused by trauma and some occur naturally throughout the body. So can back pain be prevented? Lets discuss.
How Does Working At A Desk Affect My Back?
Desk Work is one of the leading causes of back pain and although not everyone works at a desk studies have shown that in Australia 77% of peoples workday is spent in a sedentary position. So how does Working at a desk affect my back pain? Find Out below.
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