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Chronic back pain (>3 months) does not respond to standard medication nor treatment.
Medication and standard symptomatic treatment plays an effective role in assisting short term acute back pain (<3 months). Millions of people worldwide are realising with a great deal of angst and frustration that chronic back pain is not cured by medication, it's not cured by standard physio/ chiro treatments, and in a great percentage of cases, it is not cured by surgery.
tackling back pain
Tackling The Most Debilitating Back Pain
The biggest problem for back pain sufferers is their inability to find the right reason for their problem. As soon as they get to know that they are suffering from back pain, they resort to wrong exercises or start taking painkillers. They think that doing this will resolve the issue, but in reality, it will further aggravate it.
getting rid of back pain in an unusual way
How to get rid of back pain in an unusual way
Around 80% Australians suffer from back pain at some point of time, and the majority of people blame it on exertion, injury, and aging.
Back pain causing death of people
Back Pain resulting in Dealth of people: how?
The backache is causing serious problems to people all around the world. Normal things that people would have done easily on an average day has become tedious tasks for them. The backache is not just causing disability in the people but is also putting them in mortal danger.
Lower Back Pain Belt
Find out how a lower back pain belt can help you overcome back pain
MRI’s For Back Pain Confuse Back Pain Sufferers And Their Practitioners More Than They Actually Help?
The vast majority of back pain sufferers advise that they have complete relief from their pain when they lie flat on their stomach. So what is causing your back pain?
What do physio’s, chiros do for a Chronic Back Pain Sufferer?
As someone who suffered from severe back pain, that affected the lower and upper back, I had a mixed experience seeing countless physio’s and chiropractors. Some practitioners I saw provided short term relief, others none at all making me question what I was doing wasting my time and money.
What Is Dry Needling And Does It Hurt?
Find out more about Dry Needling Now!
Should I Rest Or Stay Active For My Back Pain?
When one first starts to experience back pain it can often be difficult to know what the best process is to best fast track your recovery time.
How Do I Avoid Back Pain In The Office?
It seems more and more people are working in offices these days with literally hundreds of new offices being built in every major city in the world
Back Pain Solutions
At one point in life, most people will experience back pain and will search for effective back pain solutions.
Back Pain Doctor
A back pain doctor is needed in cases of severe back pain. Let’s see the reasons for why the back pain appears, symptoms, causes and where to find the best help.
Back Pain Relief
Are you a chronic back pain sufferer that attends regular physio, massage or chiro sessions for back pain relief?
Back Pain
Many people, especially those with Chronic Pain have been through the “health professional merry-go-round” having seen a multitude of various health professionals and having ended up very close to where they started if not quite a lot more confused and a lot lighter in their wallets but still in pain!
Back Pain
Back pain, it affects 80% of Australians at some point in their lifetime, it is the number reason people visit their local GP. The prevention and even in many cases the cure for back pain in supposedly unknown.
Why Is A Lower Back Spasm So Painful?
The lower back typically goes into spasm as a protective mechanism against further pain or damage to the lower back. Similar to a swollen ankle, where the area swells as inflammatory cells rush to the injured joint to commence the bodies natural healing process, and to form a brace to prevent any movement at the ankle joint.
Why No Amount Of Stretching Will Provide Lasting Relief From Your Back Pain
In clinic it is not uncommon to see back pain patients for the first time who speak of their daily ritual of waking early before work for a hot shower followed with 30-60mins of stretching. Back pain sufferers speak of the relief they get from their stretching and that they could not get through the day without them.
Having Back Pain Due To Old Age Is Complete Rubbish!! You Can Fix Your Back Pain No Matter What Your Age Is!
Do all old people have back pain? Are all young people free of back pain?
Should I Tell My Employer That I Have Back Pain?
Should I Tell My Employer That I Have Back Pain? Let's look at some different scenarios and which category you best fit into:
Ice or Heat for Back Pain
To use Ice or Heat when experiencing pain?
Diagnosing Lower Back Pain
An effective diagnosis of lower back pain should cover the root underlying cause, clearly map out what steps are required to rehabilitate the lower back and then strengthen the body so the condition never returns.
Should I Play Golf With A Sore Back?
After treating hundreds of passionate golfers for back pain, one of the most common forms of feedback we receive is that sometimes golf makes you feel better, whilst other times it leaves you in terrible pain for days.
Anterior Pelvic Tilt And Back Pain
An anterior pelvic tilt is one of the most simple to understand yet most overlooked factor in the diagnosis of back pain. This is staggering given the influence the position of the pelvis has on the lower, middle and upper back, however is a clear indicator as to why most practitioners find the back the most complex area to treat.
How Does Emotional Stress Impact My Back Pain?
Emotional stress plays a very clear, however very complicated role in back pain, especially lower back pain.
Are Squats Good To Do If You Have A Sore Back?
Squats are a brilliant exercise that target all the major muscles groups of the body. However there is a lot of conjecture of whether someone suffering from lower back pain should make squats a part of their training regime.
How Can Sprint Training Fix My Poor Posture?
In order to propel yourself across the running track, you need to generate power from your major postural muscles. The posterior muscles of the body, and the deep trunk muscles are what make you run fast. So the very act of sprinting, or participating in a training regime designed to make you faster by regularly sprinting is one of the most functional and effective ways to improve your posture.
Is Crossfit Good Or Bad For Your Back?
Crossfit is extremely unique in the sense that it pushes the boundaries. It pushes the athlete, or the person participating, however it combines power training with fatigue, often exhaustion which is very much against the standard modus operandi of power training.
Soft Bed Or Hard Bed For Back Pain?
The majority of back pain sufferers opt for a harder mattress much to their partners dislike.
Exercises and Back Pain
When it comes to Back Pain there are many different philosophies on what exercises work and do not work. There is also a level of scepticism on whether exercise for someone with back pain is a good thing at all.
Back Pain
Day in day out we see people coming through our doors suffering with debilitating back pain ranging in severities and a wide range of conditions. There are hundreds of different causes of back pain and it can be extremely difficult to get the correct advice with so many different practitioners and so called experts out there.
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