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Can Lumbar Back Pillow Be Effective In Reducing Lower Back Pain? Let’s Find Out!
Commonly we get used 'can lumbar back pillow be effective in reducing lower back pain? let's find out in more detail below
What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Surgical Procedures For Lower Back Pain?
What to do when your back pain becomes persistent, despite all the efforts? Find out below
What Are Epidural Injections And How Do They Treat Lower Back Pain?
Epidural Injections are among the common treatment processes for lower back pain and pain in the legs. It has been more than five decades since these injections have come into the use to manage sciatica and lower back pain. Lets explore the different procedures to see if they can help you.
Why Is There Such A High Failure Rate With Lower Back Surgery?
Up to 40% of lower back surgery fails. There is now even a term for people who fall into this category, Failed Back Surgery Syndrome.
Why Is The Failure Rate For Back Surgery So High?
When looking at the success rate of spinal surgery it becomes apparent very quickly that unfortunately the majority of back surgeries are focused on treating symptoms throughout the body rather than working with the true cause of the back pain
Considering Back Surgery?
Thousands of people every year are rushed off for unsuccesful spinal surgery without firstly exploring their options with a spinal specialist. Lets look into this deeper.
Does Surgery Address The Symptoms Or Cause Of Back Pain?
With back pain being such a common issue in modern society surgery has become a reasonably common pathway undertaken by many sufferers. Surgery is obviously an extremely serious process especially when it comes to the spine which is such a delicate part of the human body.
Bulging Disc Surgery
Countless lower back pain patients have presented to our back pain clinic on a waiting list for bulging disc surgery (microdiscectomy). After our unique and effective lower back treatment only very few have needed to undergo the surgery.
Failed Back Surgery - What Are My Options Now?
Failed Back Surgery - What Are My Options Now? Up to 40% of back surgeries fail. It is so common that the medical industry has created a label for back sufferers who fall into this category - Failed back surgery syndrome.
Important Steps To Manage Your Back After Lower Back Surgery
The most common causes of back injuries that lead to requiring surgery are muscular imbalances often created over a long period of time. Whether it be from repetitive actions such as a manual labourer, to an office worker who is constantly seated in the same position for hours on end, the structures of the back are affected by the imbalances created.
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