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You do not need to suffer with Chronic Back Pain, Lower Back Pain or Sciatica

If you are desperate for a solution to your chronic pain our aim is to provide you the information, the solution and the action steps to identify:

  1. The real reason why you have your chronic back or sciatica pain

  2. The real reason why no doctor, drug, practitioner, clinic or surgeon has been able to provide a lasting solution to your chronic pain

  3. What you can do to eradicate your pain and strengthen your body so the pain never returns.  

Surgery and mind altering drugs are only required in an absolute minute percentage of cases.....

Surgeons and hospitals profiteer from unnecessary back surgery….

Drug companies use legal loopholes to market unnecessary mind altering drugs…..

Many Chiropractors have been using fear tactics for decades to keep you coming back for regular treatment……..

Many Physiotherapists are now joining in on the act with public opinion at an all time low…..  

The health industry completely fails chronic back pain sufferers, treating just the symptoms not the true underlying cause of your pain….

At we intend to expose the myth:

Soft tissues structures, such as muscles, tendons and fascia are never assessed by physicians or practitioners.

All of the blame is placed on degeneration of the spine and or disc bulge, which in most cases is just a coincidental factor. Up to 40% of adults have a herniated disc and as high as 70% disc degeneration without having back pain.

By addressing the soft tissues structures of the body, by addressing the true underlying cause of chronic back and sciatica pain a permanent solution can be found for your pain.

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Articles on Back And Sciatica are written by Melbourne Australia based back and sciatica pain removal specialists.

If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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